Last week or so: Haiku edition

imageWords fail when we try
To describe love and its ups
And downs, so there’s art

Music and dance are
Similar; depicting scenes
Hidden beneath words

(In reference to the collaboration with CORE Dance in their show called “on love”. The choreography illuminated the vulnerability of loving someone and wanting to be loved. Thought-provoking to say the least!)

When I work with friends
it’s an honor I cherish
And look forward to

(I’m lucky to be able to call many other freelance musicians in town my¬†friends and always love working with them. I especially look forward to ¬†working with Mercury because of the overall friendly and inclusive vibe, from locals and out-of-towners alike. And yay for new friends- Emily and Beiliang!)

Spent Thursday as a
family of four, must have played
a Clear Lake concert.

(Mercury played a concert in Clear Lake, about an hour drive from Houston. Shoutout to Kristin, David, and Nate- we carpooled there and back plus we ate lunch, dinner, and post-concert meal together, so “family of four” was coined.)

No two “Rusalka”s
Personnel or performance
happened the same way

Playing opera
was being welcomed to a
family; thank you!

(Rusalka ended on Friday night. Even though I was playing under unfortunate circumstances, the orchestra was so warm and friendly. The viola section was rarely the same on any two nights with the illnesses, injuries, and family matters that came up, but each night all who were playing were so fun to be around and to work with.)

On Saturday we
danced to the music of Bach
Onstage and offstage

Late night ramen is
now a tradition after
Mercury concerts

(Another Mercury concert on Saturday. Bach’s music, especially his orchestral suites, lends itself to “dancing” onstage, as everyone senses the direction of the music and moves together. Most of us were not playing on the second suite, and so a few of us took advantage by having a dance party backstage during the Badinerie. Unforgettable! Afterwards we ate ramen at Jinya , just like in January. A great end to a wonderful week!)