Life updates

the blog has been silent for the past couple of weeks, but not for lack of thoughts or events.

  1. A colleague from my time at Rice passed away today after a five-year battle with cancer. He wrote a blog post about a week ago that has been on my mind lately. He handled his struggles with such strength and grace, inspiring so many and putting our short time on Earth into perspective.  It is overwhelming to think that he is finally at rest.
  2. last week I got a call to play in Houston Grand Opera’s production of Rusalka because of a violist’s illness. Even though it is under unfortunate circumstances, I have really enjoyed my experience so far- the cast is stellar, the production is beautiful, and the other orchestra members are amazing at what they do and super fun to be around! I feel very welcomed. It has also been an exhilarating experience to learn an opera on such short notice. The show opens this Friday- see the calendar page for details!

    I love watching the mermaids “swimming” high above the stage from the pit! Photo from Houston Grand Opera’s Facebook page

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