Still loving opera

For the past six weeks I have had the pleasure of playing in an opera orchestra in Arkansas. The wifi was spotty, so instead of blogging I explored nearby towns, hiked with friends or by myself, and generally enjoyed being in nature. Oh, and I practiced too.

After an intense two weeks of rehearsal, we opened the season on June 20 with Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte. Our other operas were Puccini’s Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi and Sondheim’s Into the Woods. We performed an opera every night, except for when we were preparing for a gala with alum Latonia Moore. Even with over 20 performances under my belt, I am still absolutely in love with this art form called opera.

Why? Because:
No performance is ever quite the same.
The audience might not understand Italian, but everyone cries in Suor Angelica and everyone laughs in Gianni Schicchi.
I would get goosebumps during Suor Angelica’s “Senza mamma“. Every. Night.
Performing Mozart was magical- even though I had a wonderful past experience with the same opera a few years ago. Because the music is so great and the singers each brought something different to the table, this run of Mozart was its own unique experience.
Over the course of 8 performances, Into the Woods grew on me. It actually grew on me and I wasn’t sick of playing it at the end. (Hearing the words in my head every waking minute, now that’s a different story!)

I also met some people that were awesome friends and colleagues. We had some pretty fun experiences- one of which was rescuing a dog by the side of the road! More on that in a future post. I feel so happy to have met some new friends and I hope to work with them again in the future. One of the greatest things about the music world is that “goodbye” is almost always “see you later.” I currently go to school with many people I met at an orchestra camp seven years ago, and at a certain point, it’s safe to say we are all connected by one or two degrees of separation. So here’s to hoping that the wait is not long to see my new friends and colleagues again!

Lake Leatherwood
Lake Leatherwood
A sunset
A sunset